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Illumigyn makes every gynecological visit more effective.

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Gynecological examinations haven’t changed for the last 50 years. HD images aren’t taken or documented, and additional exams are needed.


of the world’s population deserves better gynecological examinations.


The Illumigyn Gynescope® System

uses a novel technology that we developed, creating high-resolution digital images with superior magnification that can substantially improve diagnostic accuracy.

The images are uploaded to the cloud for viewing and analysis by any doctor across the globe. With Illumigyn, the patient has more control and a close view of the procedure, with immediate access to a second opinion by an AI Clinical Decision Support Software (DSS)*, without undergoing another procedure.

* Under development.
Illumigyn System
Illumigyn System

Information For Clinicians

Making cervical examinations simpler & more accessible.

Providing a higher standard of care


High-definition multi spectral imaging with an auto-focus camera that takes extremely high-resolution images over a wide field of view.

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Superior magnification & enhanced details.


Consistent imaging results for clinicians of all types and experiences – including nurses and midwives – minimizing subjectivity.


Results can be viewed in real-time on a tablet and shared with your patient.

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Full visibility of the cervix combined with device functionality enable clinicians to do whatever is necessary for the patient.


Easy to set up, ergonomic, and easy to use.

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Offers the ability to share images with colleagues.


Upload and store images in the cloud for long term follow-up.


For women patients who require examinations by female caregivers, their male doctors can invite a female doctor, nurse or midwife to capture the images and then share for remote diagnosis.


Illumigyn is creating the first-ever cervical HD multispectral image bank for better and faster insights for caregivers.

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FDA Cleared

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HIPAA Compliant

HD image bank for AI that enables:
segmentation, training set, simple features training, and deep learning*

*Under development

Information For Patients

Improving Women’s Health.
Improving the World.

It’s time to make access to better gynecological care the new standard.

Superior gynecological care on your terms

Gynecological care that puts you in control. With the illumigyn Gynescope® System.

illumigyn device
OB/GYN or 
on-OB/GYN caregiver captures

High-definition images

Your OB/GYN or on-OB/GYN caregiver captures precise high-definition images for diagnosis and enabling to conduct advanced procedures.

Better examination

Your OB/GYN or non-OB/GYN clinician can show you images during the examination, making it easier for you to understand what is happening in your own body.

OB/GYN or 
on-OB/GYN caregiver captures

Easy-to-use system

The easy-to-use system allows your caregiver — doctor, nurse, technician, even midwife — to record images and share them, privately, with specialists anywhere in the world.

Complete control

You have complete access and control over your gynecological images and data, for follow-ups and second opinions.

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About us

The Story of illumigyn

Ran Poliakine, serial entrepreneur with an extraordinary track record of scaling cutting-edge technology businesses and Lior Greenstein are the driving forces behind illumigyn’s mission — to revolutionize global reproductive medicine for women.

Founded in Neve Ilan, Israel in 2012, illumigyn quickly grew into a multidisciplinary team combining healthcare professionals with management and business development experts. Our scientific advisory board is an independent panel of thought leaders who share our commitment to creating a world without cervical cancer.The is mission to take our game-changing technology to many more women around the world and to lead illumigyn through its next phase of growth and expansion.

Our team fully supports, and is committed to, the World Health Organization’s newly established “Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer” and to reduce the 5 million global cervical cancer-related deaths by 2050.


Gusti Averbuch

Gusti Averbuch


Dr. Haim Ayalon

Dr. Haim Ayalon

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Board members

Tal Shank, ADV

Tal Shank, ADV

Executive Chairman of the board

Lior Greenstein

Lior Greenstein

Co-Founder, Executive board member

Ran Poliakine

Ran Poliakine

Co-founder Illumigyn mourns the death of Company's founder and executive chairman. Pass away on Friday, Jan 12, 2024

Stassi Anastassov

Stassi Anastassov

Executive board member

Jonathan Samet

Jonathan Samet

Executive Board Member

Floyd A. Katske

Floyd A. Katske


Mrs. Anat Kaphan

Mrs. Anat Kaphan


Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Mark Spitzer

Dr. Mark Spitzer

Dr. Rami Bali

Dr. Rami Bali

Dr.Robert K. Zurawin

Dr.Robert K. Zurawin

Prof. Ilan Bruchim

Prof. Ilan Bruchim


Invest in women’s health.Invest in better health for the world.

We’re proud to be supported by some of the world’s leading investors who have a strong track record of working with successful, high-growth companies, especially in the world of medicine.
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